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Roman Window Blinds Roman Window Blinds Roman Window Blinds Roman Window Blinds Roman Window Blinds
  There are a wide range of types of blinds to choose from and it can seem overwhelming at first. In addition to personal choice other things to consider are the degree of control you want to achieve on the amount of light into your room, the style you wish to create and the space available.

Please click on the blind's name or picture for more info.
  Roller Blinds   Roller Blindssimple and easy to operate.
The correct width and length of fabric is simply rolled onto a pole and so you can roll it up or down to achieve the exact amount of shading you require at any time.
  Vertical Blinds   Vertical Blindseasy to use, versatile and give you excellent control over the amount of light entering your room.
As their name suggests is where the fabric is split into strips which are hung vertically.
  Venetian Blinds   Venetian Blinds – classic style, easy to use and offers good light control.

Venetian Blinds are made from narrow overlapping slats that are linked with cords and are hung horizontally.
  Roman Blinds   Roman Blinds – easy to use and because of the way the fabric hangs in soft folds it helps to create a feel of luxury and opulence to your room.
Roman blinds are made from a single piece of fabric the correct width and length for your window and simply lift into a neat stack of folds via a simple pulley system.
  Woodweave Blinds   Wooden Blinds – brings nature into your home, made from renewable sources and naturally filter light creating a calm soothing ambience.
Woodweave blinds are similar to Roman or Roller blinds but instead of being made of soft furnishing fabrics natural fibres such as jute, bamboo, sea grass and poplar wood are woven together in a variety styles and used.
  Pleated Blinds   Pleated Blinds - simple and practical and as they neatly fold away giving you maximum control of light in your home. Good for conservatory roof widows as they can be made to fit any shape of window.
The material for the blind is pleated horizontally and the blind operates in a similar way to a roller blind. Pleated blinds are. You can also choose one of our special performance fabrics which will help keep excessive heat out of your conservatory.
  So either give us a ring, or send an email or call in as we are happy to discuss your options and give you any help and advice you need.  
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