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Venetian Window Blinds Venetian Window Blinds Venetian Window Blinds Venetian Window Blinds Venetian Window Blinds
  Carpets are a soft, comfortable and cosy form of floor covering providing luxury under foot. We stock a range of colours, textures and designs to help you achieve a contemporary or traditional look and feel to your room.

Carpets also now come in a range of price brackets from inexpensive stain resistant bleach cleanable types to the top of the range wool twists, berbers and saxonies.

  It is important to use a thick foam underlay under a carpet as this gives excellent compression and recovery and also helps reduce sound and helps maintain the carpets appearance. We recommend Cloud 9.

We appreciate the importance of using skilled craftspeople to carry out the fitting as it makes such a difference to the visual impact of the final product. Good fitting also enhances the life of your product. To ensure that your carpet is fitted correctly we offer a fitting service.

Manufacturers ranges we stock include Westex, Georgian and Mr Tompkinson.

So either give us a ring, or send an email or call in as we are happy to discuss your options and give you any help and advice you need.
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