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Venetian Window Blinds Curtain Poles and Tracks      
Venetian Window Blinds Venetian Window Blinds Venetian Window Blinds Venetian Window Blinds Venetian Window Blinds
  In the case of poles the curtain hooks are fitted onto eyelets usually on the base of hoops that slide along the poles. They come in a range of materials including wood, plastic and metal and in a variety of diameters and textures. It is vital to get a pole that is the correct size so measuring the width of the window accurately is vital.

There are also numerous different style of finials that you can choose for the end of the
  Curtain Poles and Tracks  
  poles which all adds to the overall style of your room.

With tracks the curtain hooks fit onto gliders that glide along the tracking. Tracks can be either plastic or metallic and can normally be cut to size. There are a range of types of tracks available and it is important to get a type that is able to carry the full weight of the curtain especially if you are planning to line and interline your curtain to give it a quality and luxurious finish as this adds to the overall weight that the track has to carry. We can advice you on the best products for your specific requirements.

Tracks can also be effective in bay windows due to their flexibility. The choice of heading or pelmet used will help to hide the tracking.

So either give us a ring, or send an email or call in as we are happy to discuss your options and give you any help and advice you need.
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